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Pest control in Tarragona and Barcelona

Professional pest control services in the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona

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pest control in tarragona and barcelona
pest control in Tarragona and Barcelona Insects

Insect pest control

Main insect pests

We take care of insect pest control in Tarragona and Barcelona. We offer high quality disinfestation services at reasonable prices..

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mosquito pest control in Tarragona Barcelona cockroach pest control in Tarragona bed bug pest control pest control in Tarragona wasps
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rat pest control in Tarragona Barcelona

Pest control of rats and rodents

Effective rat pest control services in Tarragona and Barcelona. Lasting results at the best price.

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bird pest control in Tarragona Barcelona

Bird pest control

We are in charge of controlling urban birds in the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona. Effective solutions at the best price only with Atlas Pest Control.

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Pest control company in Tarragona ATLAS

At Atlas CP we are a pest control company in Tarragona with personalized services for individuals and companies in the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona.. We stand out for our personalized approach and extensive experience in pest control. Our professionals have more than 15 years of experience in the disinfestation sector, disinfection and bird control.

Main services ATLAS Pest Control

Our pest control services are divided into 4 main areas. Choose the area that interests you to know all the pests that we exterminate for you in an effective and lasting way.

control de cucarachas en Tarragona
Insect pest control

The provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona can suffer from a wide range of insect pests, from small nuisances like ants to dangerous insects like wasps, Bedbugs, fleas, termites and woodworm. Besides, we cannot forget the king of plagues, the cockroach infestation. Press the button “More information” to know all the pests that we exterminate at Atlas Pest Control in Tarragona and Barcelona provinces.

tratamientos de la madera
Wood treatments: termites, woodworm

We take care of wood pest control: termite control, woodworm, pine processionary.

control plaga ratas
Rodent pest control

Rodents are one of the pests that worst affect any building they touch.. They not only cause damage, bad image and unhealthy, But rodents carry diseases that easily pass to humans.

If you suffer from a rat or mouse infestation in Tarragona, Barcelona and province, Do not hesitate to contact ATLAS Pest Control.

control de aves en Tarragona
Bird pest control

Urban birds are the new rats in the city and that is why it is essential to have a good pest control service like ATLAS CP. Discover everything we can do for you in bird pest control.

desinfección en Tarragona
Professional disinfection

The companies, workshops, educational centers and health centers, Even shops and restaurants need to carry out periodic disinfections to ensure the well-being of their customers.. If you need a quality disinfection service, contact Atlas Pest Control.

desinfeccion legionela tarragona
Legionella disinfection

The prevention and disinfection of legionella in Tarragona is of high importance for companies that have activities susceptible to contamination with this bacteria.. Our pest control services in Tarragona include legionella disinfection for all types of companies.

Pest control experts

Pest elimination in Tarragona and Barcelona

Atlas Tarragona Barcelona

Wide experience

Our professionals are experts in pest control with more than 15 years of experience exterminating pests in the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona. We also have a continuous training process to keep our professionals always up to date with the best methods to combat pests of all types..

The best materials

We work with suppliers of high quality pest control materials. We use the best materials and equipment for pest extermination and prevention.. We use ecological treatments, environmentally friendly and effective. We only use treatments that adapt to the legal regulations that govern pest control in Catalonia..

Impeccable quality

We offer excellent and long-lasting results. Thanks to our specialized team and the use of the best extermination and professional pest control materials, we can guarantee results in each of our interventions.

Business services

We offer our services to all types of private clients, companies, Neighbor communities, administrations. Below we detail the specialized services for companies.

control de plagas restaurantes hostelería
Restaurant pest control

We carry out specific pest control in the hospitality sector to take care of the image of your hospitality business..

control de plagas en hoteles
Pest control in hotels

Avoid having clandestine guests in your hotel. bed bugs, Fleas and cockroaches can destroy your hotel's reputation, hostel or tourist flat. Hire Atlas Pest Control services to protect your hotel.

control de plagas en oficinas
Pest control in offices

Keep your office in Tarragona or Barcelona free of unwanted visitors. Take care of the health of your workers and the good image of your company with Atlas CP services.

control de plagas almacen y tiendas
Pest control for shops and warehouses

Stores and warehouses are places with ideal conditions for pests.. Take care of the image of your company and its merchandise with Atlas Pest Control services.

control de plagas en escuelas tarragona centros educativos
Pest control in schools and training centers

We offer long-lasting pest extermination services for educational centers and schools in the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona..

control de plagas secotr sanitario Tarragona
Pest control healthcare sector

Any healthcare establishment needs to be impeccable in its hygiene and sanitation., Therefore, it cannot suffer visits from insects and rodents.. Contact us for the best pest control services for the healthcare sector.

Frequent questions


What types of pests do you treat??

We deal with a wide range of pests in main: rodents, birds and insects. Check the main menu to learn about all the pests we treat at Atlas Control.

How much experience do you have in the field of pest control??

Our company has pest control experts with more of 15 years of experience in the sector. Besides, We always work to update our knowledge and train new professionals.

Are the chemicals used safe??

We only work with treatments and chemicals approved by the Ministry of Health and that certify their use in professional pest control.. Besides, We always look for the most environmentally friendly alternatives.

How long does it take to eliminate the pest?

There are plagues and plagues, some can be removed immediately while others require follow-up. It is best to contact us and request a visit to identify the pest and its severity.. This way we can inform you about the details of the pest extermination and offer you a quote without commitments..

Will I need to vacate the home or business while the infestation is eliminated??

This will depend on the nature of the pest and the treatment needed.. In some cases, fumigation of the affected property is necessary and it must be evacuated due to the power of the agents used..

Do you offer free inspections?

Yeah, if you find signs of an infestation, Call us and we will do a free inspection to determine the nature and severity of the infestation. Based on what we find, we inform you and offer a free quote., no compromises to exterminate the plague.


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