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Disinfestation in Tarragona and Barcelona ATLAS Pest Control

We offer professional disinsection services in Tarragona for individuals, companies, Neighbor communities, schools and administrations. Disinfestation is the process of elimination of insect pests. Insect pests are some of the most resilient, Therefore, the intervention of a professional disinfestation service is necessary if you want to get rid of an insect infestation in a lasting and effective way..

What are the most common insect pests??

When we talk about insects, We most frequently encounter calls from clients who need pest control of the following: cockroaches, termites, Bedbugs, caterpillars, wasps and woodworm. This does not mean that they are the only pests that affect the province, That is why we offer the following range of services related to insects:

Disinfestation services in Tarragona and Barcelona

Disinsection annoying insects

control de cucarachas en Tarragona
Cockroach pests

The presence of the cockroach is one of the worst images for both businesses and private homes.. Free yourself permanently from the presence of cockroaches with our disinfestation services in Tarragona and Barcelona.

control de plagas moscas
Fly pests

There are many species of flies and all of them tend to be annoying.. Besides, They can transmit diseases and contaminate food and surfaces. Eliminate flies with our disinfestation services.

control plaga hormigas
Ant pests

Ant infestations are one of the most common and can be difficult to eliminate.. Above all, they tend to be annoying when they invade commercial premises and hospitality businesses and hotels.. With our expert professionals in insect control in Tarragona you will be permanently free of ants.

Disinsecting biting insects

control plagas avispas

Solitary wasps are not usually a problem, but a wasp nest is a VERY serious problem and is one of the pests that should ALWAYS be solved only by professionals.. Contact our disinfestation experts if you have a wasp nest or infestation on your property..

control plagas mosquitos

The mosquito is well known for its role in the transmission of diseases.. If you suffer from a mosquito infestation, call our pest control experts immediately..

control de plagas chinches

Eliminating bedbugs in Tarragona is an important task, which we are happy to take care of. Bed bugs are annoying and, In addition to their sting, they offer a bad image for hospitality businesses..

control plagas pulgas

Another common pest is fleas.. Even homes that do not have pets can suffer from this pest., since the flea has no problem feeding on human blood. It is important to eliminate fleas as soon as possible because they are a vector of disease..

Disinfestation of wood pests

control de procesionaria del pino Tarragona Barcelona
Pine Processionary Control

The pine processionary is a problem for the trees on your property as well as for children and pets.. These caterpillars are covered with irritating allergenic hairs that cause skin reactions that can last even weeks..

control de plaga de termitas
Termite Pest Control

Termites are one of the worst pests for construction wood and furniture.. These small insects cause material damage of hundreds of millions of euros every year. If you have a wooden construction, it is essential to protect yourself and proceed with disinfestation at the first symptom..

control de plagas carcoma de la madera
Woodworm control

Woodworm is another insect that feeds on wood and causes damage, especially in wooden furniture and wooden construction elements. Disinfestation and wood treatment can save your furniture and avoid major expenses.

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